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Quick Search

  The whole database is searched for the specified keywords. The default keyword separator is a comma character. If you want to search a number of key phrases, you may use either "++" (the OR operator) or "&&" (the AND operator) as your boolean operator. Use 2001/06 to display all entries entered in June 2001.
Example 1: Enter nothing , press "GO"
Example 2: Enter art,business,computers , press "GO"
Example 3: Enter Cominet Media Network , press "GO"
Example 4: Enter internet++virtual servers++web hosting , press "GO"
Example 5: Enter internet&&Web database , press "GO"
Enter keywords separated by a comma character.
  This example demonstrates how to display only those records which do not contain the entered single keyword or keyphrase.
Business Category

Complex Search

  Please enter a search term (keyword or key phrase) into the field you want to search. You can search multiple fields at the same time. If you want to search multiple search terms (only applicable to those fields which are configured for this purpose), you must use a comma to separate your search terms.
Search date range
Supported date range is 1 to 365 days only. All dates will be assumed if the input field is empty. Remove this drop-down list if you only want to search the whole database.
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